About me

My Story

Matembe Cosmas is an advocate for skills and talents development who believes that with proper education, one that teaches individuals in relation to their natural potentials and realities in their economies; can have nations transformed, the problem of unemployment solved, and Africa positioned beyond aid.

As a result, he was inspired to author a book; “Graduation; The Traditional Dream”, to impact the lives of young people and also reshape society’s perspective about education. He believes that retooling young people with the right information and skills is the most pertinent thing to be done by leaders at all levels of societal administration.

Cosmas is also a talented Marketing Strategist who designs marketing campaigns, does market research, studies market trends and helps shape brands’ positioning and narrative in the market.

Never the less, he is a Corporate Talent Manager who is currently working with Ugandan top media personality, Faridah Nakazibwe. Together they have worked with Chipper Cash, MTN, Marrie Stopes, Movit, Sumz, among other companies.